Friday, April 24, 2009

Life is tolerable again!!

Ahhhh!!!! I feel so much better. My little Austin has become a normal little boy. I started him on a herbal supplement (called Focus Formula) that I give him 3 x a day and I can totally tell it is helping. Hooorrraaayyy!!! He is so sweet! He sits and pushes cars. He watches TV. Did you hear me? HE WATCHES TV!!!!! He lets me rock and hold him for awhile. He rides quietly in a seat belt in the car. (Oh how proud that cop would be of my mothering skills now!) He walks around the yard just looking at things. I don't have to close every door in the house so he doesn't destroy everything. I forgot about all the little messes he used to make. Oh so much better!!! Don't get me wrong....he still has little tantrums here and there and insists on taking lids off of all soda bottles. But other than that, he is a jewel! I will post pictures from his birthday party next week. (Hopefully next week) :0)


Olivia Singleton said...

You better come see me while you're in Salt Lake for Jordan's doctor appointment or I'm going to be PISSED.

Oh, and by the way, love you!

Jamie said...

So glad things are going better!

Kim said...

This is glad things are looking up!