Monday, January 19, 2009

Short and Sweet

Just real fast....I have to post this picture!! My little Austin is the funniest little boy. When he was born he looked exactly like Shane's Grandpa Busch. Exactly! Usually when moms see their babies for the first time, they think...'Ooh he is cute!', or 'He looks like my other baby', ect. Well, my first thought was 'He looks just like Walter!'. Nothing wrong with looking like Grandpa Walter, I was just surprised. Now that he is almost 2, we have noticed little things that he does that reminds us of either Grandpa Walter and Grandpa John. It is so crazy!! Tonight we turned on 'Horton Hears A Who' (his fav movie ever!) and I had to take a picture of him watching it. The photo isn't all that clear but the best part of the pic is his little hands behind his back. Grandpa Walter walked with his hands behind his back exactly like that. It blows me crazy!! And yes....they are/were both short and sweet!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I AM A JERK!! No really....I am!

Wednesday was a rough day. I worked Tuesday night so I was running on very little sleep and when kids are fighting, yelling, whining, etc., I can't deal with it. My poor Jordan still has a horrible habit of throwing these fits that include throwing himself on the floor with a blood curdling scream in attempt to get what he wants. I hate it!! You have to understand he was my baby for 5 years and I ruined him. Plus, I have a little soft spot for him because he has Diabetes. Ugh! Back to my point.....Jordan came home from school and kept throwing these little fits and I was tired so I kept putting him on his bed for a time-out. The worst part of it was he would beg me to not make him go on his bed. I am a push-over so he knows that sometimes he can convince me to spare him his time-out. Well, not when I haven't slept much. So, after 7 times of being in trouble, I sent him to his bed for twice the minutes and after dinner he was to go to bed for the night. I could tell it broke his heart but I didn't care. I was to tired to deal with him anymore. After his time out, he brought me a note with a little picture on it. He cried and told me he was sorry. I loved on him but I had to stick to my guns and make him go to bed early. He gave me his note and went downstairs to play. I opened the note and about died. This is what it said: I am sory mom. I am sory for criing and I will do what you say. And here is the little picture that he drew....

It was a bad day!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A gift of a Ghost?

I have to record this so I don't forget. I so wish I would have had a blog when Tyson was younger. So many neat things are forgotten.
Jordan had a little Baptism Program last Sunday because this year he will turn 8 and be baptized. It was really nice. Jordan didn't say much about the program on our way home. He said he liked the cake, but who doesn't like cake? So, last night, he asked Shane about the 'gift of the Holy Ghost'. I wasn't there for the whole conversation so I am not exactly sure how it went but basically he wanted to know what kind of 'Ghost' he would be getting when he was 8. I never thought of how a 7yr old would view the 'Holy Ghost'. He wanted to know if it was a scary ghost or what exactly did they mean by 'Ghost'. We talked about how the 'Holy Ghost' wasn't really a 'ghost' as he views ghosts but he would be his invisible friend. And he couldn't understand how it would be a gift if you couldn't see him. We had a great talk with him and hopefully we put the answers in words that his little mind could understand. I am so glad he asked us about it. Really, why have a big day when you were going to receive a ghost?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Still Ugh...

I hate January!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It's really time for a new post. I am tired of seeing the chex mix recipe day after day. I'm not in the 'creative', 'writing', 'sharing' mood. So....until then I will look at this post. A post that took absolutely no effort on my part. Just the way I like it.