Monday, May 18, 2009

My Little Ball Player!!

I know every mother feels that excitement when there child plays a sport. To me...watching Jordan play ball is like taking a hit of Morphine or something. It is so much fun! He is cute out there in the field. I can spot him from far away by just the way he stands. The little stinker has the 'adjusting himself' part down pat but I am going to pretend he is fixing his insulin pump. Pretend with me that is what he is doing and let's not think about what the other parents are thinking. ;) The last few games he would catch the ball and just hold it. He didn't know where to throw many people yelling at him. I can only imagine how overwhelming for him. But tonight he figured it out. He played short stop and the ball bounced in front of him, he caught it, threw it to 1st base and got the kid out. How exciting!!! These moments make me forget the crap he pulls at home. I am so proud of Shane for being so good to practice and work with him so maybe Jordan will love to play. Next will be time to watch Tys too. So much fun!!!
P.S. Big thanks to my mom for watching Austin a few times so I could actually watch the game. Austin + Ballpark = Nightmare.