Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun!

The Busch Family had so much fun the last few days! Where do I start? We all (yes, all of us, 10 adults, 11 children and 3 under the age of 2) stayed at the ever-so-gracious Ryan and Melissa Oldham's Mansion. So much fun!! Lots of kids, lots of laughs, lots of good times went down in the history book the last 5 days.
We started with family pictures. Why do I get so stressed for family pictures? I hate it!!! Austin was beastly for the adorable girl taking the pictures. I think I have ruined him by taking so many pictures of him. He sees a camera looking at him and he turns his head or walks off. Goof ball!
Anyhoo...we had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner. We just sat around all day and enjoyed each others company. One of the things I love about my sister-in-laws is they are pretty much my children's mother too. I barely knew I had children the last 5 days. Thank you Erin, Melissa, Shawn, and Mindy. Thursday night we put on our 'Twilight shirts' (thank you Dar) and went to see Twilight. So cool!! Can't wait to go again.
We got up at 6 a.m. on Friday and shopped until we pretty much dropped. I do believe I am ready for Christmas. Yahoo!! Shane was sweet and took Austin home so I could shop without a baby on my hip. It was wonderful! (Thanks babe!) Friday night we took the kids to Jumping Jacks in Spanish Fork. So fun!!
Saturday we went to a 'Craft Show'. Shane lost a lot of money thanks to me. So many fun booths but never enough money. That night we had an adult night out. (Big thanks to Mindy and Rob for babysitting!) Erin, Darla, and I went to see '4 Christmases'. Hilarious!
This morning we had to wrap up the fun and return to reality. It is nice to be home again but I already miss my Busch sistas. Love you all!

Busch girls with fun 'Twilight' shirts before the movie.
(We look like Vampires too. I forgot to fix the Red-eye. Oops!)

Playing at Jumping Jacks with the Cousins.

Jordan and Erin-the aunt that makes him behave like a human.
You are awesome Erin!

And....Austin pretending to be a monkey again.

Pictures courtesy of Erin.
Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.
Love ya.