Friday, April 10, 2009

Nothing New

My sweet sister left a little comment that said 'New post please'. I know that seems whatever-ish but I could totally hear her saying that in my head with her cute grin. Silly girl....I miss her.

So....not much has been going on at our little house. Well, maybe there has been. Let me start at the top.

Shane-Still his usual unpredictable, fun, loving self. I have been begging him to help me with little projects around the house. His honey-do list is getting longer and longer. So, I have started pestering him enough that he will do a project here and there. He has been working on replacing the bathroom fan for about....3 weeks now. Not bad. Baby steps. He has been golfing here and there. He always apologizes for going out to play a few holes but I know it helps him deal with the stress of owning a business in this economic crisis. Poor guy.

Me-I have been painting the kitchen/dining room. Of course that calls for a few trips to Lowes to 'check things out'. I have picked out a new stove and dishwasher. (I will just beg and use my pretty eyes to get my way. Works everytime!) I don't love to paint but it hasn't been that bad so far. I told myself if I painted I could get new carpet. Yes!!!

Tys-Oh my Tyson. What has he been doing? He has been playing football with his friends after school. He didn't want to play baseball or soccor...I was kind of bummed. But, he loves playing football. Shane has taken Tys and Jordan to the golf course to hit balls. He loves that! He is such a good kid. I am so lucky that he is mine.

Jordan-Jordie, Jordie, Jordie. He didn't want to play soccor or baseball either. Little pill!! We might talk him into playing baseball with his cousin since his Grandpa Busch is the coach. We are holding our breath on that. Jordan is so far behind in school because he was sick for about a week. And I haven't been very good at making him do homework every night so he has lots to make-up. We counted all his pages that he needs to finish and if he does 6 pages everyday until Spring Break is over, he will be caught up. Yahoo!!! Tys and Jordie have been throwing a softball around in the backyard now that it is warm. I love it when they get along and play good together. Oh...they also have been practicing their golf swing. I'm a little nervous about that but no broken windows as of yet.

Austin-Oh my little Austy. Please slow down!! Ugh!! He is the busiest boy I have ever met. At dinner time it is nice to put him in his chair (he is contained...can't go anywhere) and have him eat his dinner. I swear not 2 minutes later, whatever he doesn't want to eat goes on the floor and he is clawing to get out of his seat. Please child, just give me 5 minutes. I have to say he is better about playing with his toys instead of climbing or destroying something. That has been nice. If we can just get past this 2 yr old stage. (Oh I hope it is a stage!) Pray for me.

I think that is about all. Not to exciting but enough to make a new post.


Erin said...

It's so good to see a new post! I have been missing this ;) I'm glad to hear that the fam is doing well. I loved hanging out with your boys today. Can't wait to play tomorrow!!

Cameron and Amy said...

Good to see you back in the blogging world. Glad things are going well!

Olivia Singleton said...

Aww... you are so sweet. I miss you terribly. I'm going to plan a weekend that I can come visit you and your sweet little family within the next month or so.

Jeanine Reynolds said...

Hey Kami, cute blog. Hope you don't mind me checking it out.

Just me! said...

Heck no Jeanine! Thanks for your comment. BTW....your kids are adorable!!
I can't seem to keep up with everything. I am constantly chasing Austin and cleaning up messes his makes. I have been trying to paint and improve my little home. I need to be is so fun to keep in touch!!