Tuesday, May 4, 2010

They make me proud!!

I know being 'prideful' is a sin but I can't help it! I have had so much fun watching my boys play baseball!! Of course all we do at our house is watch the Rockies and play catch so you would think I would be tired of baseball but I love it!!

Tyson is playing 1st base and he takes it pretty seriously. His coach calls him 'scoopa loopa' because he can catch those ground balls like no one else. I have proof that is all he does at home...you should see my garage door. Oh well. He seems so grown up when he plays. Just a different Tyson to me. He wants to be on a traveling team so bad! Of course as a parent I want what my kids want but a traveling team?? Ugh. We will see if they pick him this year.

And then Jordan. That kid can hit the ball!! He never strikes out. He is still doing the pitching machine so next year it might be different but I will enjoy his success while I can. Jordan has such short legs (and I swear one leg is shorter than the other)it is the funniest thing to see him run. I can pick him out of the crowd just by the way he walks and runs. The thing about Jordan is he is serious as a heart attack when he plays. To him nothing exists outside that ball field. It's pretty funny.

Austin. I wish he was a little older because when we go to watch a game, he is all over that park. He won't sit and just watch the game or even play with a toy. He has to be checking everything out and so half the time I am chasing him so I don't lose him. Ugh. He has his own little mit and he will ask to play catch with anyone but his aim isn't the best yet so he usually gets us in the face. Too funny!!!

(The pictures are awful because I took them with my phone.)


Erin said...

What good kids. I can't wait to start watching some games :)

Mom said...

You can tell that Austin watches his brothers. The way he slams the ball into that cute little mitt three times then hurls it as fast as he can. So precious!!!

Olivia Singleton said...

Your boys are just too cute. They eat, drink, and sleep baseball. Of course I don't have to tell you that!